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This is the what the Developer Edition of the HotHotSoftware Utilities Contains:

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Flash/Web Design/Development

3D Flash Menu Builder
Scratch and Win Game Creator

Fun Software

Brain Upgrade Software
Coloring Book Software
Encrypt text within images
Speed Dating Matchmaker software

E-Mail/SEO/Web Development

Check Multiple Domains
E-Mail Extraction software from HTML
E-Mail Validator
Extract Data Multiple HTML Files
GMail Extract e-mail addresses
Keyword page/site generator
Multi-File find/replace text/html (regex)

PDF Files/PDF File Management

Extract Emails from PDF Files
PDF Multi-File Image Extract
PDF Print Multiple PDF Files
PDF Merge Multiple Files
File Management

Copy files to multiple folder locations
Create Multiple File Folders
Delete files by date
Duplicate all-purpose file finder 
Duplicate image file finder
Duplicate mp3 file filnder
Multi-File date time change
File compare for two files
File Joiner for multiple files
File Joiner (CSV) Files
File Renamer for multiple files
File Splitter for multiple
Find and Replace Text in Files

General Purpose/List Management Utilities

List manager 
Random Name Generator
Random Number Generator
Remove duplicate lines from files
Sort CSV Text Lists 
Text/ hex/binary/base64, etc ConverterText/CSV to to xml
Microsoft Excel Utilities

Excel Auto Backup Spreadsheets
Excel Import CSV Files
Excel Print multiple excel documents
Excel Spreadsheet Extract E-mails
Excel Spreadsheet File Size Reduce

Microsoft Excel Add-ins (for cells/spreadsheet management)

Excel Add Data/ Text to cells
Excel ABS to Rel Reference Change
Excel Change case in multiple cells
Excel Classic Menu
Excel Delete Whitespace
Excel Duplicates Data Remover
Excel Merge Cells
Excel Merge Multiple Columns/Rows
Excel Merge Multiple Sheets
Excel Math to multiple cells
Excel Phone Number software
Excel Randomly Sort List
Excel Remove Blank Cells
Excel Split Multiple Cells
Microsoft Word Utilities

Classic Menu Interface
Change Headers in multiple files
Extract Data from Multiple Word Files
Extract E-Mail Addresses from files
Find and Replace Text in Word Files
Mail Mail Merge Split for MS Word
MS Merge MS Word Documents
MS Word Page/File Splitter
Print multiple word documents at once